Dr. Dave's Helpful Hints
Seasonal Suggestions
By Dave Owens
Because modern cars don't require regular old fashioned tune-ups, necessary periodic maintenance checks are often put off, or even forgotten.
A few simple checks can avoid a big inconvenience later. The last thing you need is for your vehicle to break down in the middle of a bitter cold winter.
Winter checks:
Check antifreeze and you're all done, right?
Not quite — inspecting a few other items is a good idea.
                                    •   Belts, battery and alternator
                                    •   Wipers and washers
                                    •   Lights and tires
                                    •   Tires need slightly different pressure for cold weather
Stop in to  Kane Motorcar Company Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the crew will make every effort to accommodate you with instantaneous service.
If you get stuck in the snow, your first thought might be to call AAA. But guess what . . . If you're stuck, plenty of other folks will be stuck too. So it's a good idea to keep a small, sturdy snow shovel in your car. Ten minutes of focused shoveling could save you hours of waiting for AAA. A bag of coarse sand along with that shovel is also not a bad idea.
Drive carefully and check the weather forecast before leaving home or the office. Road conditions can change dramatically between morning and evening. All-wheel or four-wheel drive doesn't help much on icy roads.
Happy motoring,
Dr. Dave